Get a Grip on your…

Before removing “backing material” to expose adhesive on Mounting Strip

Place Mounting Base Strip on back of device and center as much as possible.

Mark position lightly with pencil in a few spots.  When you’re sure you are ready to go, peel “backing material” and re-apply Mounting Base Strip.

Depending on the size of your hands as well as your varying comfort levels, you may wish to place three or four fingers through the “warm and fuzzy” cuff.

While using amazing Velcro® technology, reposition the cuff anywhere along the mounting strip to meet your current needs. You can hold your tablet in a horizontal or vertical orientation.

This versatile accessory can also act as a “stand” for your device  for hands free operation.

( for horizontal support only )

Simply attach the cuff  with the label horizontal to the table and the bottom of both the cuff and device nearly lined up.

Squeeze the cuff to make an oval shape and gently let the device lean backwards.  Re-adjust where needed.

Also use as a “stand”

‘You will instantly feel an increase in comfort & stability while holding your device.’

Handi Tablet Holder


Only $14.95

Enjoy the comfort
of holding your tablet device for extended periods of time with this versatile accessory.

“Eliminate the stress and strain caused by the extended use of tablet devices.”


Easy to install, a joy to use!

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The most affordable strap & holder for tablet devices such as the Ipad, Kindle, Nexus & many others including popular ereaders.

Simple installation... “stand”

Installation will not interfere with
using external 3
rd party covers for your  device.

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